A young start-up team

EyeCyou was founded in Copenhagen by entrepreneurs Tobias Bisander and Theresa Balling. We sell natural colored contact lenses, which can be used as a beauty accessory.

The purpose of the lenses is to create a look where the natural features of the face are highlighted and which can be worn with confidence.

EyeCyou is a Danish brand that wants to challenge the Danish market with new initiatives and changes to the lens market's subscription solutions. EyeCyou therefore offers lenses where you achieve a new and natural look. Our mission is not attributed to the function but to the expression and a strengthened self-confidence.

You can safely wear our hygienic lenses, which are approved with CE marking.

Beauty must be safe

We believe that beauty comes from within and that it is important to carry yourself with confidence.

With our lenses, you can achieve a change in a short moment by changing your look with natural eye colors.

It is therefore important to point out that our product is a beauty accessory that helps boost your expression.

We value our customers very highly, and your opinion is of course our first priority. Therefore, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, please refer to our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.

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