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Dear influencers ❤️‍🔥

First of all, thank you very much for showing your interest in EyeCyou by clicking on this page. As was also apparent from the email, this page will hopefully introduce you to what EyeCyou is and what we stand for.

An exterior that is reflected in the interior

EyeCyou is a new Danish start-up founded by best friends and business partners, Tobias and Theresa, back in 2020 with a hope to mainly strengthen women's self-confidence through their expression. Confidence can be expressed in many ways, but we believe that the feeling of "beauty" will be reflected in its radiance. That is why we have established a company that sells contact lenses in natural colours.

Natural colored contact lenses may not be something you've heard of before - and there's no shame in that! The first impression is probably that these types of contact lenses are intended for festive occasions such as Halloween, Mardi Gras or themed parties with patterned lenses in flashy colours. On the contrary, our lenses are in natural colors and shades and are seen as a supplement to the make-up, where you can use our contact lenses just like false eyelashes and eyeshadow. This can therefore be for city trips, a nice dinner or a day when you want to make a little extra of yourself 💅🏻.

The lenses are currently available in four colours; green, brown, blue and grey. Including up to six shades within each colour. To show the visual effect our products have, in the following collage you can see the impact they have on your expression.

We hope with this article that we have given you a better insight into who we are, as well as piqued your interest in hearing more about a possible collaboration❣️.

Hopeful greetings,
Theresa and Tobias

NOTE: When answering our inquiry, this can only be done via email 💌

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